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From the same great people that bring you Overflightstock.com

1347 Plate Sets

Overflight Driving Plates was officially launched on January 1, 2020. We are a full service stock agency and license the plates to TV, Feature Films and Advertising projects. You can contact us anytime by email or telephone and we'd be happy to preselect plate sets for you based on your production requirements. 

The 9 plates sets can be searched for in multiple ways depending on your most needed attributes. We suggest reading through the Site Navigation page before getting started. 

Feature Gallery - A Focus on Night Defocused

100+ driving plate sets made up of static and movements of highways, city streets and neighbourhoods shot defocused. Fully generic and unrecognizable people and businesses.

Defocused 1

Register to Access Proxy Downloads

Send us a quick email and we'll get you set up. We're also happy to provide full size, clean proxies upon request as well clean masters for evaluation.

Assignments and Custom Shoots

Need a set of plates with specific attributes or locations? 2020 will see our rig moving around to many locations in North America and Europe. We're happy to quote on any special requirements.