What are Driving POV Plates?

Driving POV (Point of View) plates, also known as process plates, driving plates or background plates, are a technique used in film and video production to create the illusion of a moving vehicle. The process involves using 9 cameras to film the background scenery, such as city streets or highways, from the perspective of a vehicle in motion.

This footage can then be:

  • Composited together with footage shot separately of the actors in a static vehicle on a soundstage with a chroma key background to create an illusion of the vehicle driving.

  • Displayed in real time on large LED panels behind a static vehicle with actors to create an illusion of the vehicle driving. These panels are highly versatile and allow for more control over lighting and background movement and eliminates the need for chroma keying. 

Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages and which one to use depends on the scene requirement, budget, and the production team's preference.

Overflightdrivingplates work well with either LED panels or chroma key composites.


How fast can I receive my footage and how is it delivered?

In most cases we can get you the masters within an hour or less of your request. This includes weekends, late nights and holidays. We are in North America so there may be a delay for European and Asian clients. You'll receive download links from our in-house servers. 


Can I test the footage before purchasing?

We understand that there are many variables that need to line up for the plates to work. We are happy to provide clean masters to your production team for evaluation for studios that we have agreements with. All others requests will receive watermarked proxy files. 

Let us know if you'd like to download the high resolution preview grids. 

Can I buy just one angle? 

Yes! We have pricing for both full sets and single plates. 

I can’t find what I’m looking for. Can you help me?

Provide us with the scene requirements and we'll put together a private gallery of plate sets for your team to review. Include details such as day, night, dusk, rural, suburban, downtown, desert, forest, highway, winding etc.

What is the format and tech specs of the footage?

In mid 2022 we upgraded to Panasonic GH6 cameras.

Basic information is provided in the description field of the enlarged view when you select the clip. Reach out to us for any additional information you require.

Clip IDs with a prefix of DP01  DP02   DP10  DP11

  • 4k (4096 x 2160) 24fps h.264 8bit

Clip IDs with a prefix of DP21  DP22

  • 6k (5760x4320) V-Log 23.98fps h.265 10bit

Can you make adjustments to the format or the footage?

Yes we provide the following services.

  • Transcoding to Apple ProRes, DXV. (No Charge)
  • Frame sizes to 4k or HD. (No Charge)
  • Color grading to Rec.709 ($250 per clip set)

Can you film custom footage for our production? 

Absolutely. Our rig is designed to mount on any quality sedan or higher vehicles in the case of bus/RV plates requests. We keep an active ATA Carnet on the equipment making it available to travel worldwide. Ask us for a quote.

Describe your setup.

Our rig is engineered and built in-house to very high standards. All of the components went through an extensive testing and burn in procedure. Back ups and spares are available for all critical components. 


Multiple power options are available allowing us to film for hours at a time with complete reliability. Micro controllers take care of camera trigger synchronization and timing, UPS back up and GPS referencing making the process remarkably easy. Most of the time we operate with just the driver.