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9 Angle View 3

We use the following nomenclature to reference the various views of 9 and 5 camera plate sets and of single plates.

3x3 Plate View

Each of the 9 views has 2 searchable keywords for your convenience. You can use either one in conjunction with other keywords to help refine your search to specific angles only. eg. Cam2 daytime downtown

Cam1  -  DF    Driver Front

Cam2  -  FC    Front Center

Cam3  -  PF    Passenger Front 

Cam4  -  DS    Driver Side

Cam5  -  RP    Reflection Plate

Cam6  -  PS    Passenger Side

Cam7  -  DR    Driver Rear

Cam8  -  RC    Rear Center

Cam9  -  PR    Passenger Rear

  • Any plate set can be brought together with all other media (angles, maps and graphs) associated with that plate by clicking on the thumbnail to see the enlarged view and then clicking on the All Media For Set link below the caption and description.

  • The suffix on the Footage ID references the view angle number. eg. DP03_0001_3 is a Cam3 Passenger Front view.

  • Any keyword can be clicked to view all media associated with that keyword. 

All Media For Set