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Welcome to Overflight Driving Plates

We've put together a site that makes your search for the perfect driving plate fast and efficient.

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Research is always free. 

Camera Angle versus 3x3 Preview Orientation

We use the following nomenclature to reference the 9 camera angles with respect to how they play back on the Preview grids. Note the reversal of rear facing cameras.

Horizontal View Orientation

Search Tip: Include the term Preview in your search keywords to view the 3x3 preview grids only.

Keyword Search

  • cam4 day rural = cam4 AND day AND rural - all three keywords need to be present.

  • cam4 day rural NOT snow - all three keywords except any shots with snow. Use NOT to filter out unwanted keywords.

  • lake OR river - all clips with a lake or a river visible.

The keywords are common across all 9 angles of each plate set. If you search for cam3 river  and don't see a river in some of the clips it is likely it is visible on one of the associated views. 

Grouping Clips into Sets

You'll often find that in a middle of search you'd like to see the rest of the angles for a Driving Plate Set. A SET includes the 3x3 Preview grid, the 9 separate camera angles and the speed graph.

To see the full set of clips for a driving plate:

1 - Click the thumbnail to see the enlarged view. 

2 - Click the VIEW ALL CLIPS IN SET link.

Show All Clips In Set


  • The suffix on the Footage ID references the view angle. eg. DP10_0079_2 is a Cam2 Center Front view.

  • Any keyword can be clicked to view all media associated with that keyword.

Grouping by Gallery

Galleries are like folders and are used to segment clips into locations, camera angles and categories. It can often be advantageous to use gallery groupings in your search.

Depending on the keywords used, search returns can be quite large. In this example, 2363 clip returns. 

By selecting Group by gallery the search results will be grouped by available gallery types which would include view angles, country, city and other useful groupings. 

Large Search Returns

By clicking the Group by gallery link you would see a wide range of smaller sub categories

Grouping Galleries

Search by View Angle

If you are looking for a single camera angle view, use the camera number in your search. eg. Cam2 daytime downtown returns all center front daytime downtown driving plates. 

Cam1 Drivers Front

Cam2 Center Front

Cam3 Passengers Front 

Cam4 Drivers Side

Cam5 Reflection Plate

Cam6 Passengers Side

Cam7 Drivers Rear

Cam8 Center Rear

Cam9 Passengers Rear

If you are looking for the 3 driving plates from one of the four 90° views add the following keyword to your search. eg. front night highway will yield Cam1 Cam2 Cam3 from each driving plate set.

Front Cam1 Cam2 Cam3

Rear Cam7 Cam8 Cam9

Drivers Cam1Cam4 Cam7

Passengers Cam3 Cam6 Cam9

Speed Graphs are unique to Overflight Driving Plates. With a single glance they allow you to evaluate the car speed over the entire clip length without having to view the actual driving plate. This will save you a lot of time in the preselection process. Easily see the number of starts and stops, time between stops, whether the views show steady unimpeded, fast or slow driving or any other movement attribute you require. 

They carry the same keywords as their associated Preview and Single Angle plate views and can therefore be searched using the same methods as any other clip.

TIP: Use "graph" in your keyword search to isolate the return to speed graphs only. eg. graph cloudy highway

Commonly Used Keywords

We use a controlled vocabulary to keyword our driving plates. Except for keywords that describe angle of view, grids and graphs, descriptive keywords are assigned to all clips in a set. These are some of the common keywords used.


  • day
  • dusk 
  • night


  • summer
  • spring
  • autumn
  • winter
  • Christmas


  • sunny
  • overcast
  • snow
  • rain
  • cloudy
  • clear
  • fog


  • desert
  • forest
  • marshland
  • lake
  • river
  • ocean
  • farmland
  • pasture
  • wilderness
  • brush
  • mountain
  • tree-lined
  • waterfront

  • highway
  • freeway
  • entrance
  • exit
  • gravel
  • back
  • multilane
  • 4 lane
  • 2 lane
  • ramp
  • bridge
  • tunnel
  • congested
  • stop and go
  • stopped
  • single lane
  • narrow
  • winding
  • static


  • commercial
  • residential
  • city
  • town
  • small town
  • suburb
  • cityscape
  • upscale
  • middle class
  • low income
  • urban
  • suburban
  • rural
  • retail
  • shopping
  • downtown
  • industry
  • waterfront
  • skid row
  • strip mall
  • mall
  • mixed
  • parking lot